Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camping / life update again

Well we just got back from our first camping trip together ever, and with out Madison. We left her with Grandma Skinner, so we could enjoy some time with out a crying baby in the car and in the middle of the night. We also are trying to get her use to staying at the Skinners, seeing that they will be watching her for a whole week while we are on our cruise in October. Needless to say, she did great and was busy doing all kinds of things with them.
We camped on the Klamath River, and it was just beautiful. I thought it was going to be a lot colder than what it was, but it was surprising very nice. We had a great time at the ocean just walking on the beach.

Madison is 16 months and growing like a weed right now. Everyone keeps telling me how she is getting so tall, and she really is! Her vocabulary is growing as well. It unbelievable how from week to week she has something new she is doing. She is just so cute when she dances!!! And she loves to dance! I just bought her a potty chair to start the training process. She has been letting me know when she is poo-pooing so I figured why not start now!

David is starting the master program on Saturday, and will have class every sat for the next 2 years. We are still praying for a good job for him. It has been tough having him stay in Weaverville while he works for the week. I just have to keep thinking this won't be forever! As for me I will probably be working most weekends now till Christmas, which is good, but less time I get to spend with David. We are making things work though so i am able to stay home with Madison. It is also a nice little break for me to get out and feel like a normal person. I am also wanting to take the photography class at the college this semester. I just registered the other day for it. :)

Hope you all are doing good, that is about it I think. Hopefully it won't be to long before my next blog!