Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Monterey CA

David and I took a quick weekend trip down to Monterey almost 2 weeks ago! We had soooooooooooo much fun while we were there. We left Madison with Nana and Papa, which is pretty much a vacation for her as well. We stopped in SF to stay with Bekah and Jason, just to break the trip up a bit. It was so nice just to get away and hang out with some pretty awesome people. James and Carmen have been wanting us to come down and visit them ever since they moved down to Monterey. It is just so beautiful down there! I can't wait till our next trip to go down and visit. I want to bring Madison along next time so she can have some fun in the ocean. I had some fun shopping as well! :) What girl doesn't love to shop! Here are some fun pictures, enjoy.

My life :)
Happy Girl
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Life is like a box of Chocolates.