Monday, March 30, 2009

Malea Moseley

So here is another shoot that I did, with my wonderful friend Renae. This is Malea, a beautiful little girl who is a month old already. Thanks Anna for letting me practice with you guys. It's all a wonderful learning experience for me right now. I just love getting good results. I must say that this was a frustrating shoot, because my camera wasn't focusing, do to the lighting, because Renae had blurry pictures as well. But I am glad to say that we got some really good ones too. Thank you Renae for going with me and helping learn my camera better!

The last two are by Renae

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bailey Grace

This is Bailey, she is 3 weeks old in these picture. She is just a precious baby girl, with some of the bluest eyes. Thank you Hannah for letting me take your sweet baby girls pictures.
I have really been trying to practice shooting with the camera on manual, and learning how to work with the lighting. I am also working on learning photoshop as I go as well.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

More pictures!

Sorry, I am having to much fun with my camera. It is my new outlet in life, and I LOVE IT! Thanks Stephanie for letting me take pictures of your kids!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Photography fun!

I must say,that I have really glad that we bought our camera! I have been having so much fun with it. I love editing every single photo even though it takes me hours. Madison has been getting a little mad at me when she sees me on the computer, and I don't blame her. :)

Thanks friends for giving me good practice! I love love love capturing all of you!

Fun friends

She is beautiful


Thanks Lindsay for these cute shoes!




Monday, March 16, 2009

Saying goodbye

For those that don't know, I drove down with Rachel down to LA for Clarks funeral. I am so glad that I went! We had a good time being there to support the family. My heart hurts that he is gone. It seems like there is so much to him that I never got to know. I haven't seen Clark since Tiffany's wedding which was 4 years ago in July. To me he was still a little boy, that never grew up. The cutest boy you ever know. He was one of those kids you would want to grab and give a hug and just squeeze him, or walk by him and just want to rub his head every time you walked by him. He was a little brother, that had a heart of gold. Would do anything for anyone! Someone who LOVED history with a passion. He would read books upon books from the Civil war. Boring books such as names of generals, books that no one would ever want to read. He loved politics, and he liked to listen to talk radio a lot. He loved Dr. Pepper. He loved his family, and looked up to them so much. He was his brothers little shadow.

I laughed and cried with every single speech that was said. Clark was one funny guy. So many good story's were told about Clark. I don't think anyone who met Clark could ever forget him. He left something with everyone he knew. He never complained once about having to go through what he did. He fought a good fight, believing that he would truly be healed, a long with everyone else who was praying for him. We don't know why he is gone, and only God can answer this. But we know there is a reason, and someday we will see him again! What a day that will be :) Clark has inspired me to be a better person, and to not complain about this little things in life, because in the long it doesn't matter. He will be greatly missed by many!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sad Day

My Friend Tiffany's brother Clark, passed away this morning. This truly breaks my heart! He was the cutest little kid growing up. I haven't been around him much since he has been in LA, but still such a lovable boy. I will be going down to LA to be with the family at the funeral on Fri or Sat. I will be driving down with a friend so please pray for a safe drive down! I had to cancel my flight to TX, so now I am planning on going out in April. Please pray for this family! They have been through so much. We are glad that Clark is at peace, and in no pain, and with Jesus, and him Momma. :( :( :(

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Party Planning

My gosh, I can't believe it has almost been a year since Madison Kate what born! It has gone by so fast! To look at these pictures of her, and think and now she's walking, is just crazy! Well I know we still have a little less than a month till the day, but I have to start planning her big day now. So here is the start to it. Thanks to Stephanie for helping me make my own. This will be so special to put in her book. Anyone and everyone is invited! So don't feel left out anyone :)

Monday, March 2, 2009


I took Madison to the doctors today and her ear infection got worst and is now in both ears. So we have decided to give her the antibiotics. I was really bummed about doing this after fighting it so hard over the weekend. I am just praying that her immune system will stay strong and fight off future ear infections! To top it all off she has a virus called Roseola, which is why she was getting the high fevers. She now has a rash all over her body, but thank God it doesn't bother her at all! So I am hoping that by tomorrow she will be feeling better! No more fevers!!! I am also hoping that tonight she will sleep mostly through the night. Last night I didn't sleep much at all, so tonight I really need my rest. I guess I should be off to bed then!

Update on Clark,
I talked to Tiffany today, she said things are still not very good, and that Clark is still really week. But he has started to breath better today and he is able to rest a little bit more because of that. Please keep him in your prayers!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pray for Clark Holt PLEASE!!!

For those of you who do not know Cark, he is one of my best friend "Tiffany's" Brother. He is 16 years old and has battle Leukemia. He has beat the Leukemia, but in the process he got another disease called graft, which is the body and organs are fighting the new blood that he got from the Bone Marrow transplant. He has made it this far, where to drs say he shouldn't have. The doctors have said there is nothing left they can do at this point. We need everyone's prayers to come against the devils attack on his body! Pray that the drs will figure out what is wrong and what they can do to help him fight this. Clark has been battling this for over a year now! This would mean so much to me that you would pray for him!
This family has already lost a wife and a mother to cancer! Please pray with me!!!!!

I will be flying out to Austin TX to see Tiffany in less than to weeks. As of right now she is in LA visiting him.

This is from Tiffany today 3/1

I am currently in So Cal right now. They had a meeting with the doctors today. There really is nothing left that can be done for Clark. Either God miraculously heals him or he goes home to be with Him. His liver levels are up, he has CMV virus, graft vs. host disease is still present, and he has mold in his lungs which they think might be spreading to his brain. They did a cat scan about an hour ago to look at his brain, we are waiting for the results. In all honesty, though, it doesn't really matter because if he is to be healed he will be healed of everything, since as I said before, it is not possible for him to be "healed" medically. We are standing on the word that GOD IS GOOD and He loves Clark more than we do. Our trust is in Him.