Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pray for Clark Holt PLEASE!!!

For those of you who do not know Cark, he is one of my best friend "Tiffany's" Brother. He is 16 years old and has battle Leukemia. He has beat the Leukemia, but in the process he got another disease called graft, which is the body and organs are fighting the new blood that he got from the Bone Marrow transplant. He has made it this far, where to drs say he shouldn't have. The doctors have said there is nothing left they can do at this point. We need everyone's prayers to come against the devils attack on his body! Pray that the drs will figure out what is wrong and what they can do to help him fight this. Clark has been battling this for over a year now! This would mean so much to me that you would pray for him!
This family has already lost a wife and a mother to cancer! Please pray with me!!!!!

I will be flying out to Austin TX to see Tiffany in less than to weeks. As of right now she is in LA visiting him.

This is from Tiffany today 3/1

I am currently in So Cal right now. They had a meeting with the doctors today. There really is nothing left that can be done for Clark. Either God miraculously heals him or he goes home to be with Him. His liver levels are up, he has CMV virus, graft vs. host disease is still present, and he has mold in his lungs which they think might be spreading to his brain. They did a cat scan about an hour ago to look at his brain, we are waiting for the results. In all honesty, though, it doesn't really matter because if he is to be healed he will be healed of everything, since as I said before, it is not possible for him to be "healed" medically. We are standing on the word that GOD IS GOOD and He loves Clark more than we do. Our trust is in Him.


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  1. I am standing in prayer with you all. I believe in God's miraculous healing and praying for it now!