Friday, February 27, 2009

Ear infection

Well yesterday Madison came down with a fever of 102! I could tell she just wasn't her self, and she wasn't napping well during the day. She just got worse during the night, and being really fussy. David and I switched off and on during the night getting up to be with her. She was waking up every half an hour to every hour because she didn't feel good. So I took her to the doctor today and she has a ear infection! Not what I was hoping for. Anyways we have decided not to give her any antibiotics and to let the body run its course. I know that the fever is a good thing and that it's just trying to kill the infection. I was told about using some garlic oil drops for her ears to help the infection go away. A natural way of treating it, which I like. So I hope this works! The hope is that she will be all better by Monday, which is when I have to take her back to the doctors office to make sure she's good to go. So please be praying for her, and that we all get some sleep tonight!

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