Friday, February 6, 2009

New words

So I just had to document that Madison said bye-bye to my mom today when she left! She has been saying momma as well and associating me with the name! She says dada but I'm not so sure she knows it's David although he would agree that she does. She also says Duck, because she loves loves her duck. So David taught her the word. It's so fun to watch her get older and do new things. She took 6 steps today as well! She was in the middle of our living room and walk to the couch! Such a big girl. It is so amazing the love that I have for this little girl, just indescribable!

I was able to finish another cart cover today, Woohoo!!!!!! This girl was referred me to me by someone I know. I am keeping pretty busy, there always at least one thing I am working on, granted it may take me a month to get it finished! I still have one more to complete and also a nursing cover. I am also making burp cloths for those of you who didn't know that. I will have to post pictures on here soon.


  1. Yeah!!! Did you mean indescribable?

  2. She is talking already??? Wow! So amazing I love it and love you Bethany. Totally miss you girl!