Tuesday, December 30, 2008

first Christmas

This year was Madison's first Christmas! We had a great time with family. Madison got some great toys, and is having fun playing with them. It was so cute to watch her open her car. This year was a small christmas for us, but still fun. It's not all about the presents as it is God and family. It's just fun for us to get together with friends and family and play games.
I must say though, its not as easy to play games and hang out with friends when you have a child. You have to either start early and go home early and get her into bed, or keep her up late and have a cranky child and have no fun. We have found that its just easier to have the friends over to our house and put her to bed.

Madison is now 9 months old, standing by her self, walking around the furniture, and sleeping through the night thank God. She goes down at 7:30 and wakes up around like 6 or 7, and sometimes i can get her to go back down for another hr or 2 pending on what time she wakes up first. I just hope it doesn't change again, because this is not the first time she has slept through the night for long periods of time. I do love my sleep and miss my sleeping in days. But she is all worth every bit of it. We have really started to see Madison's strong personality come out when she is upset! This girl has some real attitude and lets you know when she is MAD. Mostly when we are changing her diaper, making it impossible to change her. But on the other side of her personality is a happy girl, with lost of laughing, giggles and pretty smiles. I have no doubt that this girl is not going to be shy.


  1. Funny because I think the opposite of Ruby - I think she definitely will be shy :) Maybe they'll mellow eachother out.
    I still miss sleeping in and honestly I get very sad because I miss sleep. Its great that Ruby sleeps through the night and all but when all I want to do is sleep till 9, its still hard ;)Oh well, everything else about our sweet girls make it worth it for us!

  2. Well, she is still waking up sometimes in the night. She wakes up crying, so i dont know what is going on, if shes having a bad dreams or what. I wish Madison went down as easily as Ruby does.