Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taylor & Zach

This is my niece and nephew, my brothers two kids.  I can't believe how fast these two have grown up!  Their mom always says that about me and my little brother because she has been with my brother ever since David (my younger brother) was in diapers.  Taylor is now thirteen!  A teenager, how did this happen!?!?!  She loves babysitting if you are in need of a great sitter.  Madison is always so excited when she comes over.  Zach is nine and he has always been the cutest little boy.  He is growing up so fast.  Zach just started karate about 8 months ago and has won quite a few trophies.  We are very proud of you Zach!  I love this family so much!


  1. Great pictures Bethany! Taylor is so beautiful. :) I love all the action shots of your nephew, hilarious!!!


  2. Wow they have grown up SO much!!! Beautiful!