Friday, December 2, 2011

Our Family

This is our family in the spotlight!  I love getting our pictures taken.  Its seriously one of the funnest things I can think of.  Probably why I enjoy photography so much.  I love seeing the change every year, and how much my girls are growing up.

This year Madison has started preschool.  She is starting to come out of she shyness a little bit.  I can't believe how fast she is growing up and becoming a girl, not just a little girl anymore.  It's kinda weird to watch her transform.  When she talks to me and something comes out of her mouth that I had no clue she even know what it was, it just amazes me and brings a big smile to my face.  I love her imagination.  She loves to play that she is the mommy and Nana or Grandma or I are the little girl.  She likes to put her babies in time out.  She is a natural nurturer.  Mackenzie also has to put up with a lot.  Madison loves to pick her up and replace her if she's getting into something she shouldn't, or drag her by her feet.  She also has such a gentle side to her that melts my heart.  If I am ever in pain she prays for be and says "mommy I will take care of you, don't worry."  AHhhhhhhhhhhh, yes I do love her!

Mackenzie is growing into her own.  She has been taking steps for a few weeks now and is up to about 6, so I have decided to consider that walking.  It's cute to watch her just charge out with nothing to hold on to then fall.  She loves to climb onto the couch and Madison's bed....oh yes I have a climber!  Mackenzie has been such a good baby even through her teething.  She sleeps really good through the night and even sleeps in till 8 or 9!  Although I will be glad when teething is over with, and when she can full on walk.

David and I are doing great!  David is still loving his job.  I am loving doing my photography on the side, and working at the church every other Sunday.  It has been really nice to have an outlet while still being able to stay home with my girls.  I have AMAZING friends that God has brought into my life this past year, and I am beyond thankful for every one of them.  

I have to Thank my parents for watching my girls as much as they do, and Davids parents for taking Madison for the weekend here and there so we get some time together.  My niece Taylor who is an awesome babysitter, that my girls just LOVE.  I really do know how blessed I am to have family in my life, I don't really know how well I would be doing with out them.  I also want to Thank Lacy Fontaine for taking such amazing pictures of our family!

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