Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Kibler Family

This is my amazing and very talented friend Tricia and her beautiful family.  I met Tricia about a year ago at a woman's conference.  We both joined the same life group and still get together for fun filled girl's nights.  Tricia is an incredible artist who paints beautiful works of art.  Her paintings are spreading like wild fire through out my family.  My brother-in-law received this painting for Christmas of his new baby boy.  A few blogs ago I posted the painting she gave me for Christmas that is so awesome!  It has me craving more every time I look at it.  You should really check out all her work because it's that amazing!

Tricia's husband Matt is getting ready to head to the CHP academy at the start of next week.  This is something he has gone after for a while now and we couldn't be more excited for him as they open this new chapter in their life.  Matt is the kind of friend anyone would be blessed to have!

These two love birds have been together since high school, but they still act like newly weds.  I'm pretty sure these photos scream all about the passion that they have for each other.  They have two great boys Weston and Wyatt who are a perfect reflection of their love for each other.  Love you guys!  


  1. You really captured Tricia's family so beautifully with these photos, Bethany.

  2. Ahhhhh these are so cute Bethany! And Tricia and Matt you guys are amazing such a wonderful family!!