Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Madison Kate

My baby girl is 4!  Where did the time go.  I feel like it's only going to be a few years and she will be in high school.  She is one of the most caring little girls I know.  I love the sensitive spirit that she carries.  She is bold and very strong willed.  I see her being a leader.  I have one more year of her being home with me before she heads off too kindergarten.  This girl can test my patients like no one else can, and I am not always successful at keeping my cool.  I am thankful for her grace that she has for me.  I love you so much baby girl!  Thank you Lacy Fontaine for taking all the pictures of the party!

This first few pictures I took on her actual birthday while there was a break in the weather. 

Yep I did the cupcakes! Pretty proud of myself :)

My friend Joanna helped me make the fabric banner.

My little baby getting so big!

This girl loves her grandpa!

Auntie Brandi is so great!

My prego friends only like a day apart!

Cleaning up chaos.

the most popular dress ever!

What kid can resist....I mean what ADULT!

there was a party in her room as well.

Our big picnic 

sharing with sister

Auntie Brandi went a little crazy and made this amazing box filled to the brim with fun things!

The present all the girls screamed over!

Weston wasn't impressed.

Marty giving it all he had.

Sweet Daphne

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Yep I'm one of those moms that doesnt want crumbs all over my floor.  

Well worth it!

At least someone did the photo booth! lol

Madison selling papa her first cup of lemonade. 

Money please!


  1. Great pictures Bethany! It was a great party. :)


  2. ahhh! these are all so beautiful. what a wonderful party!

  3. So cute! We love our Madison - so grateful for her in our lives! Love the pics!

  4. Love looking through these great pictures! We love you so much Miss Madison!! So happy we could be there on your special day. Four years old...how did this happen?? Love you sweetheart!