Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Runyan Family

I am Leaving for Austin TX tomorrow to visit my friend Tiffany! Madison will be staying here with David, so this will be a nice little break for me. I wanted to get these pictures on here before I left, because I'm sure I will have a bunch to post from my trip.

This is the Runyan family. My friend Rachel asked me if I would take pictures of them, because they know that I am trying to learn my camera and all the editing. I think with every shoot I have learned something new so far. With each one I keep getting better. Which makes me so excited! I have been friend with Rachel since grade school. She is such an amazing person! She is also the one who pretty much put Madison's Birthday cake together for me. This family is all so close with each other, perhaps the closest I have ever seen a family be, which I think is totally awesome! Rachel's sister and brother in law the the new baby are moving to TX this week, so this was the last time the family would all be together for a while. So here is to the Runyan's!


  1. Cool pictures! YOu do a really good job Bethany.

  2. Bethany, you are doing so well. Keep it up girl!