Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weaverville trip

This past weekend we took a trip up to Weaverville to visit Davids parents. Davids mom Barbara just had back surgery about 2 weeks ago, so Bekah came up as well. It was nice to just hang out and have auntie Bekah there to follow Madison around doing whatever she wanted to do. Barbara is doing good with her recovery, although i do think she should be taking it more easy, but she says shes feeling great.

While we were up there we took a trip out to the lake where there was still lots of snow to play in. Madison's first real time playing in the snow besides the other day where it only snowed a inch or two. She had a blast playing on David and Bekahs old sled from when they were a kid. Jim brought out all the toys including the snowmobiles! They are so much fun. I got up to 50mph! Great memories... :)


  1. Super cute pictures! You guys are awesome. Btw Matt had a lot of fun with David today. I think he REALLY enjoyed talking to him!

  2. I know David had a great time with Matt as well! So glad Matt did too:)