Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fontaine Family

This is my friend Lacy and her family.  She is a great friend of mine that I have known for over ten years now!  As of today they will be my neighbors!  She does photography as well and is totally awesome at it.  She just did our family shoot, and I am so excited to see how they turned out!

Lacy and I never nailed down a date for her pictures due to her moving and the weather.  So when I saw a break in the weather and that it was suppose to be 70 degrees; I called her up and said lets do it today!  I love that she can pull together last min like that.  Her little man Liam didn't get a good nap that day; and I was a little worried that we didn't get a whole lot of picture of him being happy, but we did!  Love you Lacy and your family! ;)

One of my favorites 

Isn't she STUNNING! 


  1. Such great pictures! You did an awesome job! love this family.

  2. Those turned out AMAZING! Great job Bethany!


  3. Bethany I love love love them!!!! You are fantastic ESPECIALLY with Mr. Liam being so "fun". Would have never known he was so grumpy! Thank you Thank You Thank YOu!!! And I love you too!!!!