Thursday, January 29, 2009

A bla day

Today was one of those days where I just stayed in my PJ's all day and didn't take a shower till 5:30. I did finish a cart cover, that i have been procrastinating all week so that's one think I did accomplish. David thinks he has a little bug, so hes been on the couch all afternoon. And miss Madison just didn't want to nap very well today so guess where she is at 6pm, still taking her nap! Her sleep schedule has not been very good this week. Mostly with the night time, waking up at 2,4,6, and 7:30! When will this END!?!?!? Some nights she does great and doesn't wake up once and sleeps till 8AM.
Madison is now 10 months old, as of yesterday so here are some pictures of her.

Where you will find her most of the time while in the kitchen

Daniel and her

And Miss Katelynn

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  1. OH madison! Get some sleep child :) Hopefully this just means that she's growing and that next week she'll be back to sleeping through the night. I'll pray for that! And I love the pic of Madison with Katelynn - she looks like she's teaching her :) So sweet!