Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Madison vs Mackenzie 3 at 3 months

So tonight I was going through some old pictures and found some of Madison at the age that Mackenzie is now. I seriously made the SAME baby!!!!!!! I cant believe it. These pictures were taken down in San Diego when Bekah got married in 2008. Madison was 3 months old. Check it out :) Oh and i have to add that tonight Mackenzie did her first laugh with daddy while he was tickling her. SOoooooooooo cute!

This is Mackenzie

Madison at 3 months

The pictures may not justify it as much, but if you have been around her in person you should be able to see what i mean!

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  1. they do look like little twinsies!! Hard to believe...when we both met we didn't have any kids and now between the Deruchers/Skinners we have 5!!! Wish we lived closer to enjoy your sweet little girls!! We are so happy for you guys!