Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Stirring

Today David and I were both able to make it to The Stirring church today!  I went solo last week due to David having to be at work.  We have been talking about going for quite a while now and have just been putting it off, or always have something come up or have been to tired to get out of bed to be there by 9am!  My friends that go there have been encouraging us to try it out and have been patiently waiting for us to join them.  Last week I told them no if and's or buts we are going to make it.  Well Davids job was requiring him to be at work and I am not one to just go try something new all alone.  Especially since it was the time change and loosing an hr of sleep.  But I told myself I am going to do this, and David encouraged me to go.  So i drug myself and the kids out of bed and made it pretty much on time!  And I am glad I went.  Madison came home singing songs she has learned in church and had a great time.  This week David was able to come as well.  I feel passion for life and God coming back into my life and I am so excited to have this feeling again.  I feel like my relationship with God has been dead for quite a while now because we really haven't had a church that felt like home to us.  Bethel has just become way to big for us, and it has been really hard for us to connect with other families and have that community feel.  After going two times to The Stirring I already feel passion, and apart of a family!  It is just the type of church we have been looking to be apart of and raise our kids up in.  I have already signed up to attend the woman's retreat next sat and David was able to go to the mens breakfast yesterday and enjoy some guy time.  So Thank you Julie Read and Anna Anna Moseley for giving me that little push to try it out and making us apart of everything!  I am so excited to serve God with you guys and be apart of everything.  I am excited to meet new people, and for Madison to learn about God with her friends.

On another note, Anna has been inspiring me to be creative and get organized with my house.  She gave me all these ideas from her blog.  You should check it out and be inspired as well!
I had so much fun making this floral arrangement.  It cost me about $12 to make it and and what I love about it is that I can change the flowers out for whatever season it is.

This is going to be a gum ball/candy jar for Madison.  Check it out Here to see how to make it.  I cant wait to see it finished!  I will be using this for her reward jar :)

Love having my jewelery organized!  I need to get another one.

This is David's cousin Sarah's Family along with Davids Parents.  They were headed down to Disneyland and stopped by to say hello.  Madison wasn't to thrilled to be taking a picture, but I am so glad we got one!  Thanks for visiting us guys!

Mackenzie with 13 weeks


  1. This is my favorite post so far :) I love knowing you are feeling happy and inspired!! Let's get to praying I can live closer again...I'd love to be there with you!!!

  2. I love where you are in your life! That is so exciting Bethany! :)I am so happy for you!!!!!

    I also use a plastic organizer (scrap-booking supplies from Joann's) for ALL MY JEWELRY! I have been doing this for a long time...b/c when you travel and move a lot it is nice to just throw a case in the suitcase. As well as all your jewelry is nice and neat! :)

  3. I am so happy you are at the Stirring. I felt the same way when we started going. We love it and it's amazing the changes I've experienced in the last 1.5 years in my walk with God.

  4. Great job Bethany! I love that you guys are coming to the Stirring now!!!