Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rainy Day

Since I have been on my facebook fast I have been trying to be more mindful of my time spent with Madison. She is so great at playing by herself that I tend spend my time on the computer while she plays or watches a show. It's my outlet. I know this hasn't been a good thing seeing that this is why I am home so I can play with her, and do things around the house. I will admit even while on my facebook fast I am guilty of spending too much time on the computer! So today I made it a point to do something fun with her, and what could be more fun then play-doh on a rainy wet day. Right now I am working with her on learning her letters and numbers. She is a fast learner and I'm sure in no time she will have this down! We have been reading 3 different Dr. Seuss book and by now she can practically read them to herself by memory and by looking at the pictures. It's so cute. I think his book are my favorite to read with her.
So I've been thinking I need to come up with more fun creative things to do with her, so if you have any ideas please share!
On another note, I have pretty much taken away her pull-up!!!!!! She has gone 2 days in a row and made it to morning dry. She even wakes up let let us know she has to go pee, which is awesome! My main reason for taking them away was that she is going backwards in going #2 in the toilet. She knows she can do it and isn't scared anymore, she is just getting lazy about it. So when I saw her trying to go in her pull-up, I took it away and said NO MORE PULL-UP's!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully this will be the thing to break it and get us out of the diaper world for her.
Miss Mackenzie is 12 weeks as of yesterday! Wow time flies even faster with her. She is a much happier baby now that her tummy issues are starting to handle them selves. Its so cute when she smiles and makes her cute little noises. Madison loves to get in her face and say "HI HI HI HI" to try to get her to smile. I think she is close to the point of getting her laugh, which I am SOOOOoooooo excited for! Every time I see her smile it makes me want more. On the other hand when I'm dealing with both of them crying at the same time I'm thinking to myself how can I have more.....hahahaha.


  1. I love Mackenzie's hair!...and if you get any good ideas of projects and activities to do with the kiddo, let me know!

  2. so glad you are enjoying your girls!!! Madison is such a great big sister...Emma talks about her all the time and wishes she lived closer so they could be playmates! and on a side's ok to take time for yourself! You cook your family wonderful meals, your children are always well behaved and engaging...I'd say you're doing ok mama ;)

  3. So cute! Playdough is such a fun rainy day activity! I hear you about being mindful of spending too much time on the computer:)